Blood Services

Virginia Blood Services realizes our customers’ patient transfusion needs vary. So we provide components and service solutions that give you one company you can rely on, with a commitment to provide the best and most advanced products and services in transfusion medicine services.

  • Reliable, 24/7 delivery of products ensures not only your stock components arrive when you need them, but that STAT orders are a phone call away.
  • ISBT 128 labeling technology which ensures highest level of accuracy, safety and efficiency through fewer misreads and identifications errors versus other labeling methods.
  • Access to one of the largest inventories of hard to find HLA typed components from our Immunohematology Reference Laboratory.
  • Virginia Blood Services physicians and blood center experts that can help answer questions ranging from “What’s the best way to maximize my inventory levels?” to “How does this component impact the patient’s care?”
  • Special hospital based programs like the Hospital Donor Recruitment Program- which allows your hospital to make a positive contribution to the area’s blood supply and your cost for blood at the same time.


Click here to download our brochure on Therapeutic Phlebotomy.

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Click here to download our brochure on Autologous Donation.

Clinicians: Click here to download our Autologous Donation Program Form.