Mission, Vision & Values

As ITxM grows and evolves, our Mission, Vision, and Values help provide the blueprint for our growth.  Our Mission is a constant reminder of why we exist, defining our unique focus and articulating our objectives.  Our Vision is inspirational.  It communicates our long-term goal of what ITxM is constantly striving to become.  Our Values are our shared beliefs and our standards of behavior.


To provide best in class blood products and clinical services to meet the needs of the healthcare community, patients and our donors through advanced transfusion medicine practices.


To be the premier provider of blood transfusion practices by delivering innovative industry leading solutions that ensure the highest quality products and services, operating efficiencies, donor satisfaction and improved patient care resulting in the achievement of our Mission.


Stewardship: Taking care with all our processes and blood products to ensure we have the highest level of control and oversight of clinical results and financial performance.

Integrity: Approaching all we do with openness and honesty.

Accountability: Holding ourselves and our teams responsible for commitments and obligations to all of our constituents.

Respect: Treating all people  with high regard, consideration and appreciation, acknowledging individual diversity, contributions and successes.

Excellence: Choosing to always be the best at what we do.

Innovation: Employ creative thinking to improve our processes and practices, that we do every day, to meet the changing needs of our organization, our donors and the heath care community we support to be “best in class.”