General Information

Five Key steps to a Successful Blood Drive:

There are basically five steps in the process: Call Virginia Blood Services to begin planning early. The enthusiasm and organizational skills of the blood drive coordinator are the biggest keys to success! See the coordinator check list for more in-depth details: Coordinator Check List

  1. Find your potential — Start by determining how many people in your group are interested in donating blood. This can be done by circulating a Pledge form asking people to commit to donating blood if you have a blood drive.
  2. Set a goal, a site and a date — Once you have your commitments, your VBS Account Manager can help you set an achievable goal and guide you toward reaching it. They will also work with you to select an available date and time that is convenient for your group and a site that can accommodate equipment, staff and donor needs.
  3. Recruit donors and promote drive — the very best way is simply ask the donors to schedule appointments and remind them of their donation time. Try to form a committee to help you with publicity, donor and volunteer recruitment and donor recognition. Promote your drive within your organization, or community through email, on Facebook, or by posting fliers and information about your blood drive in bulletins, newsletters and local newspapers. Your VBS Account manager can help you with everything that you need. That’s all there is to it!
  4. Oversee Drive — Be available (or have a designee available) on the day of the drive to guide VBS Collection Staff during set-up and answer questions
  5. Recognize Donors — Keep donors coming back by thanking them for their donation and reminding them that they will be eligible to donate again in 56 days! Remember to say “thank you” to sponsors and committee members .Teamwork can make planning your blood drive easier and more rewarding. After the drive, evaluate your success.