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Donate for Dads

During the month of June, Virginia Blood Services is encouraging donors and the community to celebrate a father, grandfather or other loved one(s) with a blood donation supporting life-saving transfusions that occur every day.  The campaign recognizes … Continue reading
Rachel Reynolds and her daughter Charlotte

Rachel Reynolds

I have been donating blood regularly since high school. At that point, for me, a "regular" donation was maybe 2 or 3 times a year when I thought about it. I just did it because I knew it was a good thing to do and that it helped others. Then, in January 2009, my only daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor... Continue reading


I have always wanted to donate after watching all the times that my grandfather did gave blood and when I became of age I was right there donating myself! Continue reading


I proudly donate blood on a regular basis because it gives others something they desperately need to survive. Just knowing I can make a difference in someone else’s life makes me feel great! If you … Continue reading


Donating is awesome, but organizing a blood drive is amazing. Continue reading

Henry L. Ongaro

My reason for donating is my grandson. I had started donating 20 years before, but this brought my donations to an even more personal level. RJ, my grandson, was born 16 weeks premature. Continue reading

Larry Hicks

I have been donating blood since I was 18 years old. When I turned 37 years old, my father had cancer and needed a transfusion. Continue reading

Karen Schwartzkopf

For me, giving blood is so incredibly simple, yet such an important way to support lifesaving efforts in my community. I sign up whenever I can to support specific causes through my kids’ schools for … Continue reading

Christina Greulich

As a young child, my father donated very regularly. He would participate in blood drives at work, area hospitals, etc. and would come home with pins whenever he would reach a "gallon" milestone. Continue reading

Vincent A. Martinez

I think that everyone should do their part. Personally, I am squeamish about any procedures having to do with the antecubital space. But that squeamishness is wholly obliterated by the thought of what my blood … Continue reading