Recipient Testimonials

Gwendolyn’s story

- I am a survivor—a survivor of cancer, heart failure, multiple cardiac surgeries, a left ventricular assist device and a heart transplant. My journey would not have been possible without blood donation. Before I was even … Continue reading
Valencia Clary

Valencia Clary

Having worked at Virginia Blood Services in the past, I know what an excellent service they provide to the community. This was very apparent in the first week of November of 2012 when I went to the hospital... Continue reading

Neil Lilly

If you want to be a hero, donate a pint of blood. I make it a point to thank every single donor I meet. You never know who is going to need blood. Continue reading

Arthea Bagby

By donating you are giving someone a second chance at life, and giving them the opportunity to be here with the ones they love and what more could anyone ask for. Continue reading