Be the Giving Type



Donate today. The blood donation process is easy!

Without blood donors like you, Virginia Blood Services would be unable to fulfill its lifesaving mission and provide blood products to the thousands of patients who need transfusions each year in our local community.

The donation process is simple and takes about an hour.  It is both safe and comfortable for the donor.  Donors receive a free mini-wellness check and cholesterol screening with their donation.

Blood donation process

Registration: All donors are asked to present proof of identification. You will be registered at this time and asked to fill out a questionnaire.

Medical interview: A Donor Specialist will review the questionnaire, and you will be given a mini-wellness check where your hemoglobin (iron), blood pressure, temperature and pulse will be checked.

Donation: The Donor Specialist will prepare and cleanse your arm for donation. The actual blood collection only takes about 10 minutes.

Refreshments: After your donation, you will be directed to the refreshment area, where you will enjoy refreshments such as bottled water, juice and packaged snacks.

Basic eligibility requirements

Blood donors must be at least 17-years-old (16 with written parental consent), weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in generally good health.  Most medications are accepted.  Proper ID is required to donate blood.

More information on eligibility requirements

Be the giving type and share your strength, courage and hope with others.
Make an appointment online  or call 1-800-989-4438.


Host a drive. Your organization can make a difference!

There is no substitute for blood. Patients rely on volunteer donors who have the strength and courage to provide them hope in their time of need.

You can help the community blood supply by hosting a mobile blood drive at your place of work or worship, at a community center or school.

The benefits of hosting a blood donation program

Community service: Hosting a blood donation program lets your organization give back.

Support life: Blood donations are the only way hospitals accumulate blood supplies for patients in need.

Boost morale: Rallying employees around a common cause can boost employee morale.

Inspire others: Our partners inspire others to save lives in the community.

Hosting a drive with Virginia Blood Services is easy

Our Account Managers will walk you through the process.  We only require a few things: a room at your facility or a location to park our donor coach, several tables and chairs, a contact person and a team of two or more to help recruit donors.

That’s it. Virginia Blood Services does the rest. We provide an online registration process, posters, staff, equipment and everyone’s favorite part of the donation process – the snacks and beverages.

Be the giving type

If you are interested in hosting a blood drive with Virginia Blood Services, please visit the Contact Us page to submit your inquiry or call 1-800-989-4438.

Please include the name and address (including zip code) of your organization, along with a phone number where we can reach you. 

More information on hosting a drive