High School Scholarship Program

As an active partner in your community, Virginia Blood Services is dedicated to supporting local high schools through education and awareness of the need for blood donation and through volunteer opportunities for students and faculty to participate in the important act of donating blood.

Our community relies on local blood donations. Your students can impact hundreds of lives in Virginia in a single day and become eligible to earn educational scholarships. Our partnership benefits your school’s scholarship fund, while supporting the blood needs of the entire community. For the 2016-2017 school year, Virginia Blood Services distributed over $100,000 to high schools in the state of Virginia through the High School Scholarship Program.

Depending on the number of participating donors at school drives, schools can receive thousands of scholarship dollars for their students. Scholarship dollars increase the more drives and participating donors a school has, for schools to be eligible for funds they must hosting at least one drive in the spring and one in the fall. Schools receive credit for any donor who donates on behalf of the high school at any location (not just at the high school), so parents, teachers, siblings, family members, employees, etc., can support high school students and their high school by donating at any Virginia Blood Services Donor Center or mobile drive. Participants wishing to credit their visit to the High School Scholarship Program must mention the name of the school or school group when participating.

Together, we can deliver a positive life lesson for high school students through their unselfish act of donating blood.

For more information about how your school can earn towards the Virginia Blood Services’ High School Scholarship Program, contact us about setting up a drive or for more information.

Download: VBS_HSSP-Brochure

Click to download and print the parental consent form required for donors aged 16 or 17:

16 and 17 year old consent form – English