Making a Difference

Welcome to Virginia Blood Services!

In becoming a blood donor or advocate for blood donation, you are part of a special group of people whose generosity and willingness to pay it forward have earned them the title “life saver.”

You will truly make a difference, because your donation has the power to save as many as three people’s lives. How many people can say they’ve saved three lives? On behalf of those patients, we thank you.

The demand for blood is constant. In fact, every two seconds, someone needs blood, and one in every seven people entering the hospital will require a blood transfusion. Therefore, please consider making blood donation a regular habit, just like going to the dentist or exercising. There is no substitute for human blood, so it’s up to all of us to donate, and make sure there’s blood on the shelf when it’s needed.

We at Virginia Blood Services hope to see you soon. Here is some helpful information to know when you become a blood donor with VBS:

  • You’ll receive an email when your blood has shipped out to a hospital in need, so you know when your generous donation is impacting someone’s life.
  • You can sign up for our rewards program so that with every donation, you’ll earn points to redeem for some unique VBS items. Sign up here.
  • Are you all about social media? So are we. Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn and Youtube to stay up to date!
  • Staying hydrated and eating iron-rich foods before your appointment can help ensure an even better donation experience. Learn more about eligibility and how to prepare for your next donation.



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Click on your blood type below to learn more about it! If you don’t know your blood type, don’t worry – after your first donation, you will receive your very own donor ID card with your blood type.