BillieAnn Radcliffe

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I am a 19 year old freshman at VCU. In high school I wanted to participate in our school’s blood drive. While waiting to sign up, all types of rumors about donating were circulating like you cannot donate if you have a tattoo or had gotten one in the last six months, which I had. My older sister had donated blood many times before and dispelled all the rumors. Unfortunately that day I was deferred because my iron was too low. My stomach sank as the nurse told me I wouldn’t be able to donate but she encouraged me to eat a good breakfast before the next time I tried.  Now that I am older and know all about the requirements to giving blood I really try hard to participate in drives whenever I can and to encourage others to do so. To me, giving blood is something so simple and selfless that anyone can do to help people from all over and even save lives.