Heather Bland

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I’m a senior at Louisa County High School. I turned 19 this March and am currently in the process of obtaining my EMT-B. I have recently been accepted to into the pre-med program at Florida College, a bible college, to pursue my aspirations of becoming an ER doctor.

As a child I never realized the significance of donating blood. After I became of age, I started to donate with my father biannually.  I went to donate for the first time two years ago. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The questionnaire and blood test seemed intimidating, but after talking with the nurse I was reassured and ready to donate. I had heard horror stories of people fainting and going into shock, but learned that when the proper precautions are taken, donating can be a pleasant experience. I have returned just once to donate since, and plan to do so again in the upcoming months.