HELP US PREPARE: Hurricane Irma looming

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Please help us prepare for the potentially devastating impact of Hurricane Irma by ensuring we have a wide range of blood supply available.

Donate blood. Save Lives.

Across the country, many people gave blood to help patients in areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Now, with Hurricane Irma looming, we are asking you to donate blood again.

As we begin to prepare for the potentially devastating impacts of Hurricane Irma, we would like to remind our donors of the importance of blood donations during natural disasters. Hurricane Irma may take a very unpredictable path, so we are asking all eligible donors to give blood NOW or in the coming days.

In the hardest hit areas, blood donations can be a lifeline and help individuals that are directly impacted by the storm. Since blood centers will be closed, drives will be canceled, and hospitals may not have access to the lifesaving blood products, the need is NOW.

Your donation will help boost our blood inventory so we can ensure our local community and also the communities impacted by Hurricane Irma are well stocked and prepared. All blood types are needed, especially type O. Virginia Blood Services will send needed blood products to blood banks in the affected areas.

Donors are welcome at any community donor center, fixed site or mobile drive.

SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!  Walk-ins are also welcome. Or call 1-800-989-4438.

We are continuing to monitor Hurricane Irma. Please visit The Weather Channel for up to the minute details.