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Did you know that specific blood types are best utilized for platelet donations?

Some cancer treatments cause a loss of platelets. These specialized blood cells help control blood clotting. When platelet levels fall too low, patients are given a transfusion of platelets to replenish their supply and prevent life-threatening hemorrhages.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, GIVE PLATELETS. GIVE HOPE.


Platelet Donations vs. Whole Blood Donation

A platelet donation takes just a little longer than a whole blood donation and is done via an automated system that returns other components to your body. Because their shelf life is very short (just 5 days compared to 42 days for whole blood), platelets are constantly needed. Your ONE donation for platelets will allow you to donate enough for a complete patient dose. That’s supporting ONE patient directly!

Frequency Matters

You can continue to support patients every 7 days through platelet donations. Please consider increasing your donation frequency and continue to support life through blood donation.

If you have A, B or AB blood types, please consider a platelet donation today. Learn more.


If you or someone you know has a story to share about a cancer survivor who has personally been impacted by the gift of life, or who has supported a loved one impacted by the gift of life, and shown exemplary strength, hope and courage through the process, we’d like you to share it and bring awareness to the importance of blood donation.

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If you are interested in hosting a blood drive in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, please contact us!

Donate Blood. Support Life.