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This year has been a time of excitement and growth for Virginia Blood Services, and today we are adding another tool to show it: a brand-new VBS website.

All of us at VBS think you will agree that our new website is a vast improvement from the old design, with many visual upgrades and content driven by our users and the most up-to-date news and happenings.

Our staff and the team who designed the website, Kenmont Design Group, have been hard at work over the past couple of months to create a site that is not just a resource for information about blood donation, but a go-to destination with up-to-date news about what’s happening in your community regarding blood drives, special events and the commitment to help save local lives.

The Highlights

Computer, tablet, smart phone accessible: No matter where you are or what you’re using, donors will have the ability to access the new website via smartphone or tablet as well as your personal computer. Plans for a smartphone app are underway, but for now we invite you to save us to your favorites on all your devices.

Local representation: As VBS grows, it’s important that we represent each community that we serve. With hospitals scattered along the I-64 and I-81 corridors, the background images will represent the beautiful landscapes of the communities we serve. Enjoy scenes from the James River, the Shenandoah Valley and Skyline Drive to name a few. We also invite donors to share their landscape photos to help keep the look fresh and ensure we are always best representing the communities we serve.  To see all, just hit the refresh button for each new image.

Scrolling news feed: One of our favorite features is the scrolling news feed on the homepage. Filled with fresh content, all of our current stories, special events and promotions will be displayed. The user will have the ability to click-through to learn more. We invite you to visit vablood.org often to see what’s happening each week.

Current Blood Supply: As there is a constant, daily need for blood donations, type does matter. All blood types are important and necessary to meet the needs of local patients, however, sometimes there is an immediate need for certain types while other blood types will need replenishing later this week or next week. The easy-to-read board on the homepage posts the state of the current blood supply so that you can schedule your appointment based on the current need.

User-generated content: From donors sharing stories and pictures to blood recipients thanking their blood donors, this new feature will give you inspiration to continue doing what you are doing: helping save local lives. Browse the most recent shares or tell us your own story. While there is an approval process, your story should be live within 48 hours.

Save it for later, Send it to a friend, Post it to your pages: Ever read something online that you wanted to save for later or just had to share with someone right then? This site has many new tools to help with that such as: a PDF button, an email link as well as social plug-ins so that you can post directly to your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Much-improved categorization & Search feature: On our old site, it was difficult to find something even if you knew what you were looking for. On the new site, it’s easy to find content by the user-friendly tabs, site navigation and the NEW search button.

Our Blog: With all the new and user-generated content, VBS is joining the world of bloggers. Subscribe to our feed or check back often to see posts from our industry experts and learn more about blood banking, tips on donating or recruiting and other updates regarding community involvement.

Thank You

We still have work to do, but we’re so proud of the results we are unveiling today. We’ll be introducing more improvements over the next few months, and we’d love to hear feedback from you: what works, what doesn’t and what you’d like to see added. Until then… please browse, post and enjoy this sharp new website.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to saving local lives. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Robert E. Carden, Ph. D.
President and CEO
Virginia Blood Services