Universities Unite Blood Drive

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Calling all Hoos and Hokies: Who can bring out the most donors to help support patient lives?


Together, we can accomplish more. Together, we can bring change and impact lives in a greater magnitude. Together, we can be the difference.

Starting September 24th, we will kick off our Universities Unite blood drives at the University of Virginia, and the following week Virginia Tech will be our host. Who can come together and transform the MOST lives?  Come out to donate blood during your school’s “Universities Unite” blood drive!

The winning school gets bragging rights for a year, as well as the feeling that comes with helping to support patients in your community!

So, who will win? Make an appointment today to help support your school AND patients through blood donation.

University of Virginia

Join us Sept. 24 – 27 from noon to 6 p.m. at any of these locations on grounds:

  • Clark Hall (Monday – Thursday: 12-6)
  • Chemistry Building (Monday – Thursday: 12-6)

Sign up for any one of these locations.


Virginia Tech

Join us Oct. 1-4 from noon to 6 p.m. at either of our locations on campus:

  • West End Market (Monday – Thursday: 12-6)
  • Squires (Monday – Thursday: 12-6)

Sign up for any one of these locations.