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In the days leading up to and including Independence Day, we will encourage participating donors to honor our serviceman with a blood donation supporting life-saving transfusions that occur every day.  When you present to donate at any of our community donor centers or select mobile drives, you will receive a customized card so that he/she can notify the honoree(s) of his/her gift, while supplies last. We encourage the donor to leave a message to the recipient on the back of the card.

July 4th is Independence Day, and we plan to deliver these cards to VA hospitals and veteran patients shortly after that.

In addition, donors groups (mobile drives) and CDC donors who participate June 30th – July 4th will receive a limited edition patriotic tee shirt, while supplies last.

Why Donate?

There are many reasons patients need this gift of life. Patients who have surgery need blood transfusions because they lose blood during their operations. For example, about one-third of all heart surgery patients have a transfusion.

Additionally, some people who have serious injuries – like those from war and serving the country – need blood transfusions to replace blood lost during the injury.

Others need blood or parts of blood because of illnesses. Patients may need a blood transfusion if you have:

  • A severe infection or liver disease that stops your body from properly making blood or some parts of blood.
  • An illness that causes anemia, such as kidney disease or cancer. Medicines or radiation used to treat a medical condition also can cause anemia. There are many types of anemia, including aplastic, Fanconi, hemolytic, iron-deficiency, pernicious, and sickle cell anemias and thalassemia.
  • A bleeding disorder, such as hemophilia or thrombocytopenia.



If you or someone you know has a story to share about a veteran who has personally been impacted by the gift of life, and shown exemplary strength, hope and courage through the process, encourage him/her to share their story on social media and bring awareness to our community on the importance of blood donation.

Share the story on social media @vablood.

Make an appointment online, visit one of our convenient donor centers or call 1-800-989-4438.



Donate Blood. Support Life.