Type O Negative

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Your blood type is O negative. You can donate red blood cells to all blood types, making you the universal red cell donor! Since O negative red cells can be transfused to all patients, they are especially beneficial in emergency situations and times when newborn babies or infants are in need of blood.

Because your blood type is O negative, we typically need you to donate red blood cells through a double red blood cell donation or a whole blood donation. You can donate whole blood every 56 days, and double red blood cells every 112 days (up to 3 times a year). The double red blood cell donation requires more of a time commitment and takes about 2 hours. However, red blood cells are used for more than 70% of all transfusions. Patients who need red blood cells include those with significant blood loss, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, and sickle cell anemia patients.

About 9% of the population has O negative blood.

Blood types you can receive: O-

Patients who can receive your red blood cells: Anyone

Dependent on clinical assessment, platelets may be given to any ABO blood group or RH type.

Patients who can receive your plasma: O+, O-



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