ITxM 2013 – Year in Review

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Founded in 1987, The Institute for Transfusion Medicine℠(ITxM℠) is the parent company of multiple corporate entities, including LifeSource, Virginia Blood Services and Central Blood Bank, a blood center that services western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio. Representing the core business of ITxM, the blood services provided by these regional blood centers enable ITxM to rank as the nation’s fourth largest independent blood center.

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ITxM Diagnostics is a proven leader in state-of-the-art therapeutic and coagulation reference testing services, providing expert diagnostic, consultative and educational support for hundreds of patients and physicians. The Coagulation Laboratory, Therapeutic Hemapheresis Department and Hemostasis and Thrombosis Clinic are the direct patient care components of ITxM Diagnostics. Each plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases and disorders.

The ITxM Diagnostics Coagulation Laboratory offers more than 100 different tests in nine specialty areas to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of coagulation disorders. When encountering a rare patient condition, medical professionals rely on the Therapeutic Hemapheresis department of ITxM Diagnostics, which conducts more than 3,000 patient procedures each year, on even the most complex cases. Services are offered in both Chicago and Pittsburgh. The Hemostasis and Thrombosis Clinic is available in Pittsburgh for patients who have failed conventional therapeutic approaches.

Clinical Services

ITxM Clinical Services focuses on the pre-transfusion testing and delivery of vital blood products to patients in the Pittsburgh and Chicago regions. In addition, we contribute to the treatment requirements of stem cell transplant patients who are waiting for life-saving hematological transplants worldwide.

Our technical and medical staff – consisting of approximately 125 laboratory professionals and four full-time physicians who are board certified in transfusion medicine – is viewed as integral partners by our hospitals. We work closely with our health care provider partners to establish standards for transfusion decisions, ensuring that all patients receive the proper type and dosage of transfusion products. Together, our team of experts has managed the safe transfusion of more than 300,000 blood products.

Research Institute

The Institute for Transfusion Medicine has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh to establish a Research Institute in Hemostasis and Vascular Biology to further our understanding of blood and blood disorders while creating opportunities for new and more effective treatments. Our partnership with the University of Pittsburgh enables us to conduct more extensive clinical research which directly impacts the patients and donors we serve.

Blood Science Foundation

Founded more than 55 years ago, the Blood Science Foundation ensures that ITxM has the financial resources to provide long-term lifesaving services to the communities we serve. The Foundation supports ITxM by expanding the efforts of the Research Institute, making capital expenditures and providing additional funds for operating budgets as necessary.

The Foundation, through a partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, provides support of research initiatives by providing multi-million dollar funding for important investigative projects. These long-term efforts may, one day, lead to a better understanding, and improved treatment, of blood disorders.

The goal of ITxM is to be a global leader in developing, delivering and influencing the highest quality, performance and value in transfusion medicine, related services and in select biomedical fields. ITxM is a local corporation with a national agenda and an international reputation.

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