Summer Tips – How to Clean Your House the Right Way

How to Clean Your House Properly

Cleaning your house sounds like a simple house chore that everyone ought to know. But the question that comes our here is: what is the most efficient way of cleaning your house?

For instance, I had gotten used to tough ways of putting my house in order until I visited a friend, and shockingly learned how house cleaning could be such a simple process.

With such brimming expertise, she led me the following simple guide on how to wash your house properly efficiently with much ease and less involvement.

The Simple Cleaning Guide

Dusting your house

The first step in making your house clean is to get rid of the dusty patches on both the open and hidden places in your house. By this, I mean dusting every part of your rooms not forgetting the topsides of all furniture, handrails and of course the undersides of the shelves, the picture frames and even the Tv screens.

It is even easier to get rid of even the fingerprints by just dampening a microfiber cloth with warm water and wiping it over the surface.

Clean mirrors and glass surfaces

This is simply wiping down all the mirrors and glass surfaces throughout the house including some of your glass furniture surfaces.

Cleaning furniture fabrics

In this step, you will need to brush the furniture surfaces with a vacuum extension as required and just disorienting other furniture, neatening them, and getting them back in order in just some little time.

You may need to strip the beds and make them clean not forgetting to clean the blankets and the pillows.

Clean all surfaces

In this step, we will need to focus on much of the surfaces that most forget but holds most of the dirt. You will need to go round the house, wiping and disinfecting all the surfaces that people touch most, including the Light switches, remotes, door handles, and even phones.

Clean the bathroom and kitchen

In the kitchen, wipe the appliance doors the inside of microwaves and all the cabinets. It is easier to spray clean them within a few minutes. In the toilets, go through the tubs the toilet bowls and the sinks and make them cleaner with just spray cleaning

Clean the floors

With the proper detergent, scrub the floors all around the house and mop them dry and clean. A little sweeping would help before you clean would be of great help.

Vacuum the house

In this step, we simply go through the house doing some light vacuuming not necessarily focusing on every inch of the house.

It is advisable to carry out the process once every week to keep your house disinfected and clean on every inch of the bottom to the top of your house.


It is quite a slow, boring and a rather cumbersome process to focus on cleaning room by room in what is called ”zone cleaning’ ‘However you can do this in a few minutes by just wiping things down and moving on.

This guide gives you complete pro tricks on how to wash your house properly in just less than half the time you would have done had you focused on the ordinary cleaning methods. You can also check out the Butcher’s Bath Mate solution to aid you in the process.

Similar to my experience I hope this will save much of your time cleaning every inch of your house.