Thank You RVA

Thank You RVA

Virginia Blood Services wants to thank Richmond for the life supporting donations our community has made over the last 40 years! Our Richmond donors have shown their loyalty to Richmond and Virginia Blood Services by providing the needed blood supply for our community. RVA is the Giving Type!

Virginia Blood Services supplies blood to hospitals in Richmond and throughout the state, including four Level I trauma centers; one of which is VCU Medical Center. In order to support patients in these hospitals we are required to collect approximately 400 blood donations every day.

Richmond has been exemplary at providing area patients the Strength, Hope and Courage to battle in their recovery.  There isn’t a substitute for blood when it is needed. To learn more about how your gift supports life, please go to

As we continue to support life together, we want to demonstrate our thanks to Richmond and our donors. In order to help meet the need for blood, show our appreciation for your loyal donations, and encourage you to display your pride in supporting life through blood donation, we are excited to offer RVA / VBS pride decals! These are complimentary to the public and we encourage you, your friends and family to stop by any donor center in the Richmond area to pick up a decal, while supplies last, as a way to show your support and loyalty to VBS.

We appreciate all that you have done and hope that you will continue to donate with us.

On behalf of the hospitals and patients we serve, we thank you for being the giving type.

Visit a RVA Donor Center
Arboretum: 9200 Arboretum Parkway
Chester: 12212 Bermuda Crossroads Lane
Emerywood: 2825 Emerywood Parkway
Innsbrook: 4040 Cox Road


Show your donor pride and share it with us. Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram how you show your RVA VBS pride!