Tips for Keeping Your Garden Clean This Summer

Looking to keep your garden in tip-top shape this summer without spending countless extra hours?

Of course you are!

These simple garden maintenance tips are perfect for anyone with a veggie garden, or even those just looking to keep their lawn well-maintained.

Water Well

Know how to water your garden the right way. For veggies, make sure you inspect the labels on your seed packaging in order to know the frequency and amount. For most veggies, watering every day until the water begins to pool on the soil surface is just right.

For your grass, you want to mow less frequently. Every 2 or 3 days is usually enough. This will encourage proper root growth and help keep your grass green even in harsh conditions.

Mow Right

Set your mower to a medium length when trimming the grass. If you cut it too short, it is bound to spring up faster than you want it to. You’ll be shooting yourself in the foot and be forced to cut your lawn again sooner than you should have to.

Weed Smart

What’s a weed? Basically, anything growing where you don’t want it to.

Weeds spring up when the wind or wildlife carry seeds to your garden beds. They can be a real hassle if you don’t tackle them head on.

Our best advice is to weed a little bit every day. Rather than waiting for your entire garden to be overrun and then having to spend hours getting it under control, you can spend a few minutes here and there pulling weeds while they are still little.

Investing in a weeding hoe is also a way to make the work go a lot quicker. These can be raked quickly down the length of your garden paths to uproot little weeds very quickly. You’ll still probably have to so some weeding by hand for the ones that are actually growing in your beds though.

Beware Bugs

Pests can ruin your garden before you actually get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But they aren’t all bad. In fact, some actually protect your plants from other predators.

It would be impossible for us to compile a complete list of garden bugs in this short post. Instead, here is our best advice to you: Inspect your garden for new bugs on a regular basis. Whenever you do notice a critter that you haven’t seen before, look it up online or in a handy gardening book.

As you get to know each new type of garden bug, you’ll learn the good from the bad and what to do about them.

Fight Disease

Just like pests, your veggies are very susceptible to disease that can quickly spread throughout the entire garden. Here are simple tips to help fight the spread of garden disease:

  • Purchase disease-resistant seeds.
  • Only water when you have good sunlight and time for the plants to dry.
  • Avoid handling the plants when they are wet.
  • Inspect your veggies regularly for spots, holes, and other signs of disease.